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A number of NGOs have been created in Rwanda where the Government point of view is to have development activities done by Rwandans instead of international NGOs. The Government position is in line of Paris Declaration (2010) on aid effectiveness. In fact, the first of 5 principles of the Paris Declaration is ownership which provides that developing countries determine and implement their own development policies to achieve their economic, social and environmental goals. The declaration states that this principle is important because “Development cannot be externally driven. Any process led by donors without country ownership is not sustainable”. All development actors-parliaments, central and local government, CSOs, research institutes, media and the private sector- should actively participate, and donor should respect country decisions and support efforts to increase local capacity.


Under such conditions, donors have started thinking of working through National Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). The main challenge they face is that the CSO structural, organizational and financial systems in place do not initially provide them with a reasonable assurance that they have capacities and credibility to manage donor funds.  It is in this framework that we invite interested NGOs or any other interested party to attend the training and coaching “Building a Healthier NGO”. Sessions are organized during the weekends and the presenters have experience in managing and building capacities of local CSOs. Should you wish to have a private session with us, please book a session through    


Contents of the course


The training consists of sharing key points raised in the Rwandan Law N°04/2012 of 17/02/2012 Governing the Organization and Functioning of Non-Governmental Organizations, requirements of some donor operating in Rwanda, and the financial management of the NGO. The initial Health Check will help participants assess the health of their organization’s financial management. It is designed as a self assessment tool so that they identify the areas where they will need to improve. The Health Check will be a set of statements of good practice. The statements will be covering all the key areas of NGO financial management. For each statement, they will need to consider how well their own organization will be in line with good practice. By the end of the Health Check they will be able to tell if the financial management in their organization is healthy or sick - and whether they need to call a doctor! The areas of interest are:

  • Legal structure

  • Planning and budgeting

  • Basic accounting system

  • Reporting

  • Internal Controls

  • Grant management

  • Staffing

  • Management capacity and sustainability

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